Life Doesn’t Always Go Your Way.

There are times in life when we want something so bad and we don’t get it. Instead of falling apart we can embrace change.

At the time it can be really disappointing to not achieve or succeed at something you desire.

Don’t allow it to get you down.

Sometimes looking back we see that not grasping what we thought we wanted actually put us directly on the path towards what we truly desire.

This is how life has worked for me in a variety of ways.


Some of the things I badly wanted and failed to attain turned into being the best thing for me.

Sometimes I realize I never truly wanted it at all, I just thought I did at the time.

I realize through hindsight, looking back on my life, that if certain things had been brought into fruition I wouldn’t be who I am right now or pleased with the outcome.

I get it now that what isn’t meant for me will either be a bumpy ride, unfulfilling, or it will fall apart.

I don’t feel bad because I failed at some things. Looking back I see they really didn’t fit into my purpose.

You’ll Figure It Out.

It is perfectly okay to explore different ideals of how your life can go.

We co create our own reality, so knowing what we want is a part of creating the reality that we truly desire.

It is also perfectly okay to decide that certain goals or ways of life no longer resonate with you.

When something no longer resonates with me I’m done with it and here’s why.

Clinging to what you no longer want only creates resistance to attracting what you do want.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with changing your mind. Change is one major constant in life.

There is no one that you have to impress besides yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people want for you if you don’t want it.

As you grow in life so do your ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Go with what feels right to you. Let your intuition guide you.

It doesn’t matter what other people think. Your opinion is the only one that is relevant.

It is not your job to live up to other people’s expectations.

Living to only please others is a great way to wind up unsatisfied in life.

You are the only one that needs to feel fulfilled from your life. It’s your life so you get to decide how you live it.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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