Is it a goal or a wish? A goal is something that you intend on achieving and so a plan is devised and backed by strong effort. A wish is something that you would like to happen but you don’t feel its an attainable goal so you put little to no effort into it. Being clear on the difference between the two might shed a little insight as to why you aren’t meeting your goals.

If you don’t believe in your goal it is merely wishful thinking and won’t go much further than that. Your thoughts and emotions are extremely important. While mindset is important, having a positive wish is not enough for the law of attraction to work in your life. You must also and take the necessary actions when they arise. You will act on what you believe in. Why would you put action towards something you don’t think will happen anyway.


One might want to bake an apple pie for a party at work and know nothing about making desserts. They don’t feel confident that they could even bake a tasty pie but they love how apple pie tastes and they . They see a free apple pie recipe online that many are raving about but they don’t take the time to read it. Next they see a book on award winning apple pies but they don’t buy it.

Thirdly they receive an offer from their Aunt to show them how to bake an apple pie but they don’t take her up on the offer. So when they go to the supermarket they don’t buy the right supplies and they just throw everything together without the proper ratios with an attitude because they feel confused. The pie comes out horribly salty. Had they believed in themself and acted when they should have they might have created a beautiful apple pie.

When you believe, there is nothing that the Universe can’t help you achieve provided that you are a vibrational match to it. The Universe may bring things to you but you have got to reach out and take it.

The good thing is that every day is new chance to do better than you did the day before. Start today, start now and begin achieving your goals. Set them and smash them! You can do it!

One Love,

Alice Coaxum