Relationships Should Feel Good.

Our relationships, whether with family, significant others, friends, co workers, or other people are not meant to be an ongoing compromise of ourselves.

Positive relationships don’t consistently and constantly cause pain and upset.

A positive relationship is beneficial to both parties.

Have you ever found yourself seemingly stuck inside of a one sided or toxic relationship or friendship?

Or maybe you’ve experienced an extremely unbalanced relationship with a family member?

If so then you know this doesn’t feel good at all.

What doesn’t feel good to us tends to eat at us over time.

The relationship in question clearly wasn’t suiting you because of the type of treatment that you received during the duration of the relationship.

This even may have led to hard feelings and resentment.

And while the experience proved to be unpleasant  or unbearable you still chose to hang on at it at least for a while.

Or maybe you are just coming to this conclusion about a current relationship or friendship.

This isn’t uncommon. Many times we value other people above ourselves even when they are clearly showing that they don’t value us.

This isn’t healthy. This can cause upset and inner turmoil in the one who is compromising themself.

Negative relationships affect much more than your mood.

Over time, closely dealing with this kind of negativity can really break you down and lower your vibrational energy.

This misalignment of energy with the things you now desire pushes them even further away from you.

What Are You Going To Do About It?

If the relationship or friendship isn’t beneficial to both parties it is time to seriously determine where that relationship is heading or if you should end it.

At the very least you should communicate  your feeling.

It doesn’t make you a bad or a selfish person to consider your own feelings and to decide that you will no longer accept certain types of treatment.

Your feelings are just as important as anyone else’s.

You must put you wellness of mind, body, and spirit above all else in order for all else to fall correctly into place.

It is a choice you make when you consistently decide to accept poor treatment from another.

This shows them that the way they treat you is just fine and they don’t need to change a thing.

You matter and you don’t owe to anyone, not even a close family member, for you to just lie down and take what you find unacceptable.

The Choice Is Yours.

You are not wrong to end or severely limit contact with one who shows that they don’t value you.

You can accept their apology or at times the apology you don’t get and choose not to continue the relationship if they exhibit signs of being unwilling to make necessary changes that benefit you both.

Forgiveness doesn’t require that you allow someone  to consistently force you to compromise your own happiness just to keep them happy.

We must learn to recognize and unattach ourselves from toxic relationships of any sort.

This doesn’t mean that others can’t make mistakes.

There is a huge difference in someone making a mistake and correcting it and someone habitually only looking out for themselves with no regard as to how they treat you.

The amount of time we’ve known someone or being blood related isn’t an excuse to accept treatment that greatly offends and hurtsus.

People learn how to treat you based on what you accept and how you treat you.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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