It’s A Fact!

In this life, in this world there are things that are unfair.

There are things that may make you want to scream, get mad, or even cry.

When you truly desire something and feel blocked from it,  it is indeed a pivotal moment.

This is the moment in which you should just give up if you can’t see yourself overcoming all obstacles.

Dreams aren’t easy. If they were you’d already be living them with no real effort.

What Was Doesn’t Really Matter When It Comes To Your Dreams.

You may feel that if only things had been or can be different in the world then your life could be different.

The world is the world but you create reality. That is magical!

There is nothing that can hold you back from what the Universe has in store for you but you.

It all comes down to you deciding you’re ready to live your dreams.

What are you going to do with your life? Wallow in the world’s problems and forever play it small?

Your life is truly the only thing you have some control over.

You are the moderator and regulator of your thoughts and emotions.

This affects the vibrational energy you give off into the Universe and what you attract back to yourself.

You are the only reason you either can or cannot.

People from all walks of life and from even the worst circumstances have made it and are living in their purpose.

They’re living their dream.

So why not you?

Knock It Down.

There is a wall between you and your dreams. It is comprised of your excuses and fear.

It grows taller and wider the more you add bricks of self pity, despair, refusal to step into your greatness, lack of confidence and disbelief in yourself.

That wall needs to be knocked down, by you, brick by brick.

It will stop you if you don’t as it grows taller and wider.

Know this … your wall of excuses and fears will never keep you safe.

But it will keep you trapped living a stagnant and unfulfilled life.

That wall only seems insurmountable until you begin to chop at it, allowing it to crumble and fall in your mind.

You are the reason you will either succeed or shrink … not your upbringing, not your surroundings, not  your current level of knowledge or your current financial status.

None of those are a factor in how far much you can grow and how far you can go.

Take control of your life and step into your greatness starting from this moment forth and carry it forward.

Or give up and never know what you are capable of achieving.

The choice is yours.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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