Are you trying to lose 10 pounds? Maybe you’re trying to save $500 or or eat healthier. Manifest your goals. You got this! The specifics of the goal doesn’t really matter because any goal is attainable if you believe it to be possible and feel that you can reach it.

But what if you haven’t reached your goal yet despite the fact that you’ve been trying for a while and you feel like giving up? Should you just quit and make a new goal since it’s not working out?

Not if it’s something worth achieving and something you really want. Try these tips:

Keep a positive mindset. This will keep you on the right track when things aren’t going so easy or quick enough. Things happen in divine timing so if it’s not happening yet it’s not the perfect time for it yet. Keep at it and believe that you will succeed.

Break the goal down into bite sized chunks of action. Instead of trying to lose 50 lbs, aim for 10 lbs and once that goal is reached, aim for 10 lbs again until the total amount of pounds is lost.

No self sabotaging. You wouldn’t eat an entire cheesecake every other day and expect to lose 5 lbs by the end of the week. Your actions have to be in harmony with your desires.

Watch your emotions. When you feel good you can achieve more. The higher you raise your vibration the quicker you can manifest your desires. The universe has your back and will match you to experiences with the same vibration as you.