Love is your birthright.

You deserve unconditional love. You deserve to feel important, cared about, and protected.

You deserve to have what’s in your best interest strongly considered.

While it may be nice to receive this from others, the person you most need this from is yourself.

You deserve your own love unadulterated and wholeheartedly given.

There is no one who deserves and needs your love more than you do.

But what about my spouse and children? What about my family? What about my friends?

These thoughts might be running through your mind and that’s okay.

When you love yourself first and foremost, completely, and unabashedly love freely flows from you in all directions and everything falls into place.

When you love yourself that love radiates out into the world.

Guess What?

Self love is necessary and essential to your well being. It isn’t selfish to love yourself first.

It is actually of the utmost importance and beneficial to others because when you love yourself you feel good and you have more love to share.

You can’t effectively keep giving out what you don’t have.

It’s like expecting an almost empty teapot to pour you another full hot cup of water. It simply cannot happen.

You may be able pour a drop into this cup and a few drops into that cup but eventually the teapot will be emptied unless it is filled.

You Are A Teacher. 

Yes, class is always in session. You teach the world how to treat you based on how you treat yourself.

When you put someone else first you teach them that you either come last or you don’t matter at all.

I used to do this and then get upset when others treated me the same exact way.

How dare someone treat me exactly like I taught them to!

This realization helped to change my mindset.

I had to first learn to love myself and reflect that love to the world to attract a different type of experience from other people.

I began changing the way I interacted with others.

You attract the type of people that match the vibrational energy that you give out.

So as long as you don’t love you, you are going to attract some people who don’t love you either. That doesn’t feel good.

This is the Universe’s way of giving a little nudge. You have to learn to see the message in the lesson and adjust yourself accordingly.

How you feel about yourself affects every single relationship you will ever have.

Treat yourself like you don’t matter and others will too.

One who doesn’t love themselves or put them self first will find that they are constantly and consistently compromising what they truly want and accepting the unacceptable.

This is not the key to happiness.

Value yourself and others will too. Make loving yourself a way of life and a top priority.

You are that important!

As the saying goes, you’ll need you before you need them.

Your relationship with yourself is the longest and most fulfilling relationship you will ever have so why not treat yourself right?

A lack of self love will have you bending over backwards to compromise yourself for others.

You never have to feel guilty for loving yourself.

Focus on yourself and all other things will be added to you.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum