Have you ever been in a relationship where you know you did everything right and it still didn’t work out because your partner was chronically unhappy? Did your ex significant other often seem miserable despite your efforts made to please them?

Or maybe you were in a friendship that ran it’s course. No matter what you did your friend was never happy and there were constantly problems between you. This happens to many people and the answer is simple. You can’t be responsible for someone else’s happiness. Plain and simple each and every one of us have the responsibility of attaining our own happiness.

No matter what you do you can never make someone else happy. It doesn’t matter how kind you treat someone or how much you do for them. If they aren’t happy, they just aren’t. Happiness is something that radiates from within and isn’t attached to anything in particular. One of those things that you either have or you don’t. People, money, situations and things can’t make you happy.

There are celebrities and rich people who deep inside are miserable and there are poor people who are extremely happy. One who is  wealthy’s money can’t take the place of their own inner peace and happiness. One who is poor doesn’t have to be unhappy just because of a lack of resources. Any external source of happiness can be taken away.

But does this mean that one must be poor to reach true happiness. Of course not, there are many happy rich people. Happiness is a mindset and a feeling. Decide to be happy and magically you are. That is the key!

One must cultivate their own happiness to even allow someone to truly add to their happiness. Don’t feel bad if you can’t make someone happy because you aren’t meant to. What isn’t meant falls away. Be thankful for the lessons learned during the experience and move on. It’s not your fault.

One Love,

Alice Coaxum