Is your happiness or lack of solely based on your current circumstances, significant other, friends or family? This is a surefire way to lose your happiness. Your happiness must radiate from the inside.

What’s wrong with depending on other people to make you happy? Why shouldn’t your circumstances be the source of your happiness?

Is Your Happiness Dependent Upon Something.

Happiness that is only because of or only depends on certain people and certain circumstance isn’t real. It’s temporary at best.

People change, situations change and problems occur. If your happiness is only a result of and attached to specific people, situations, and things you won’t be happy if a perceived negative change occurs.

If you’re only happy because of your friends or significant other what would happen if you were to have a falling out with them. If your happiness is a result of your job what would happen if you suddenly lost that job.

Your happiness would cease to exist and suffering would begin if you depend on anything out outside of yourself.

We cause our own suffering when we place the responsibility of making us happy on other people.

It’s no one’s responsibility to make you happy. It’s not even fair to place that kind of pressure on someone. This would force one to have to live in such a way or do things that only please you or with just your happiness in mind.

This would cause them to lose focus on their own happiness as they overly focus on yours. This wouldn’t make sense because then they’d become unhappy.

The most fulfilling happiness comes from within.

Being happy is a state of being, a state of mind and just is. Real happiness is just because. It’s despite whatever and in spite of whatever is going on.

There are people that exist in circumstances that make you wonder how they could ever be happy and yet they are. A happy life is what you make of it. If you wish to be happy, just be.

Rid yourself of all the beliefs that tell you to be happy you must:

  • Achieve specific goals.
  • Own certain thing.
  • Be able to buy a specific item.
  • Be in a relationship with a specific person.
  • Attain a certain goal.
  • Be viewed a certain way by others.
  • Look a certain way.

When happiness is a way of life you can find joy in each and every day. When your happiness radiates from the inside nothing or no one can take it from you.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum