Dietary Changes Coming Up.

I took a natural water pill today and I’ll be taking another later on.

My edema is cutting up. My puffy face and ankles always tell the tale when edema is an issue.

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When my weight is in the range that it is I’m more susceptible to edema than when I’m 30 lbs lighter.

The fact that I’m going through PMS plays a factor.

I have actively been working to lose more weight.

My diet also plays a factor.

No more salted sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. They taste good but it’s way too much sodium for me.

I love the salted ones best but they have to go. I just gave the rest of my pumpkin seeds to my oldest daughter.

I’ll also be further working my way towards a no dairy lifestyle.

I’ve already given up dairy yogurt, milk, pudding, custard, and ice cream, but I do eat cheese and butter.

I’m reducing my cheese intake greatly as opposed instead to eating it daily as I normally do.

On Christmas I’m making Mac and cheese for my family but I won’t go overboard.

I’ll be omitting the cheese from my eggs and having something else instead of grilled cheese or pizza.

Time to get reacquainted with some vegan recipes!

Sodium and dairy ¬†are two of my biggest triggers, especially if I’m eating them daily.

Dietary changes aren’t always easy but sometimes they are necessary.

I was on pharmaceutical water pills for about a decade until I took myself off of that, all the heart, blood pressure, and all of my other medications except for albuterol as needed last year.

I no longer needed the water pills daily and much rather use something natural when the situation arises.

I ate a vegan diet and employed natural health methods to improve my health.

When something works it’s best to stick with it.

While I can’t control everything I can control my diet.

It comes down to deciding whether I want a slimmer face and ankle or gooey cheese and salty seeds.

Here’s to making better choices.