Soup Is Great On A Cold Day.

Late last night I decided I wanted to make some turkey. My oldest daughter took out some turkey wings and legs out of the deep freezer for me and thoughts of turkey, stuffing, and gravy danced through my head.

I woke up early and headed downstairs to cook.

I came downstairs to a surprise. Number one my stuffing bread expired months ago and number two I was out of flour.

No stuffing and no gravy but I still had turkey wings and drumsticks.

Hmmm … I know … I could make turkey soup is what ran through my mind. I haven’t made that in a good while.

When things don’t work at exactly as you planned, create a new plan.

I started the turkey, garlic, herbs, and seasonings on high heat in a big stockpot. This way I could add enough water without worrying about it spilling over.

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I like my soups brothy!

The turkey was still frozen but it didn’t matter since it was being boiled anyway.

I added carrots and frozen whole string beans and let it cook for a while before reducing the heat so it could cook slower.

For breakfast, I had a grilled cheese sandwich with scrambled eggs on it. It was delicious!

I also had some of fruit and veggie smoothie. I didn’t finish it because I felt full but I will before the day is out. Some days I feel fuller than others.


About a half hour later I had half of a Welch’s grape juice since I can’t eat and drink at the same time since having VSG weight loss surgery.

Near the end of the cooking time, after a couple of hours, I added halved potatoes, butternut squash, small corn cobs, and chopped onion.

I took all the meat off of the bones and put it all back into the pot.

When the turkey soup was finished cooking I removed the bones and voila … yummy turkey soup.


My turkey soup is delicious. I ended up having some for lunch and I’ll have some more for dinner.

I also had a few of my daughter’s graham cookies and some crunchy cheez doodles… I’m not perfect. I aim for predominantly healthy and don’t beat myself up over treats.

I don’t buy things that I can’t control myself with like candy bars and dairy ice cream. No way! Though I have snitched a square of chocolate from one of my daughters recently. Because it wasn’t mine I couldn’t overeat it.

When I’m pre-menstrual I notice I tend to have a craving for snacks.

I’ll be working out tonight even though I’m still sore from two days ago. My youngest daughter is coaching me through her workout routine tonight. I normally do my own thing but decided to give her routine a try.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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