Trader Joes Grocery Haul

This morning I went shopping with my husband at Trader Joes. It’s one of my favorite stores. I love the atmosphere and they have some pretty delectable products.

Two of my favorites are the veggie dumplings and the tomato basil hummus. Lip smacking good! So, I was sure to grab one of each.

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I also got some frozen fruit for my daily fruit and veggie shakes, salsa, shrimp, jackfruit, trail mix, dried bananas, dried cranberries, guacamole, honey, barbeque sauce, sea salted kettle chips, blue corn chips, chickenless strips and a few other things.

It’s easier to eat your meals at home for the most part when you have things you enjoy that you can easily prepare.

Jumping Jackfruit

No, the jackfruit didn’t jump but I sure did, moving all around the kitchen gathering the ingredients I needed to pull off my jackfruit “pulled pork” masterpiece.

I hooked it up!

You can buy jackfruit fresh, frozen, or in a can (in brine or in water).

I haven’t had pork for a few years and for the last few months I’d been seeing online about how jackfruit was all the rage amongst non-meat eaters because of it’s meat like appearance and ability to take on the flavors of whatever you cook it in.

Kind of the way tofu absorbs flavor but with a more meaty look to it.

Since I’m transitioning to a more plant-based diet I’m open to trying new things. I like to keep my diet fun and interesting.

So if I’m going to one day adopt a completely plant-based lifestyle I have to have a game plan in action.

At the register, the friendly cashier noticed my purchase and informed me that they’d recently done a tasting in the store to sample out the jackfruit. He told it was easy to prepare but don’t eat it straight out of the can.

No worries with that because I sure didn’t intend to! I’d been curious but sort of on the fence about trying jackfruit because it seemed kind of weird that a fruit was being turned into a meat substitute but I’m a little adventurous so I decided to just go for it.

It was relatively easy to prepare. I removed the core from the string parts of the jackfruit and separated it to give it that shredded pork look.

I seasoned it before adding it to my frying pan full of seasoned onion and mushrooms. I added a little water and let it cook over low heat.

Next time I might cook it for slightly less time so it can be a little chewier. It wasn’t bad at all and it completely took on the taste of the seasonings and barbeque sauce.


trader joes vsg jackfruit
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Cooking For Hubby.

I don’t eat chicken but my husband wanted some. He eats a more plant-based diet than he used to but ultimately we all have to choose our own diet.

As his wife, it’s not my job to make him conform to my way of eating or judge him because of what he chooses to eat and vice versa.

He asked me to put up a serving of the barbeque jackfruit for him. I was surprised but hopefully, he enjoys it.


Snack Time!

Tonight I snacked on some sea salted kettle chips with salsa and guacamole. Kettle chips have a good crunch to them but they aren’t as hard on my stomach pouch as corn chips.

Earlier I snacked on some trail mix. Much better choices than candy bars and crunchy cheez doodles (I absolutely adore them).