Rose Quartz crystals are pink in color. This pretty stone can be purchased in their raw state or smooth and polished (tumbled). It really depends on which is more appealing to you as to whether to get the raw or tumbled. Either type will work.

Rose quartz is widely known for love. Some use this stone to improve their love life or to heal heartbreak. It can attract love, enhance unconditional love and promote caring and trust in relationships. This crystal is great for bringing energy to the heart chakra. It can help heal emotional wounds.

Rose Quartz can also be used for:


Pregnancy & birth.


Heart Function.

Fluid retention.

Weight loss.




Getting a good nights sleep, free of nightmares.

Getting rid of negative energy.


& more.

Rose Quartz can be used for chakra healing, placed underneath your pillow when sleeping, arrange in grids, placed on altars or even worn in a jewelry setting. It really depends on what best resonates with you and which issue you are using it for.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum