If you’ve been desperately trying to lose weight you might be wondering why I’m saying you shouldn’t try to lose weight.

Isn’t that discouraging to one who wants a healthier and leaner body?

Nope! I won’t take it back because I mean it and I’m about to explain two very good reasons why you shouldn’t try to lose weight.

1. The Law of attraction is always in full force. We attract to us what we emit whether we’re actively trying to or not. Anything you wish to attract to you should be said and affirmed in the present tense and as if you are currently achieving that goal. If you are putting out into the Universe that you are trying you will attract more trying. That isn’t success. It’s hit and miss at best. You will forever be stuck in trying mode until you change your mindset and the way you speak.

2. Excuses. When you’re trying it leaves the door open for a plethora of excuses. I know because I’ve done this many times. I’d start out great and then I’d fall back on one of my go to excuses. I was trying so that all that mattered right? Wrong. It took for me to tire of my excuses to make real changes.

We should never discourage one who is attempting to succeed at something no matter how slow their progress is.

However, when that person decides to go from trying to doing they will have no choice but to succeed.

Mindset and action makes the difference between perpetual failure and success.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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