Spiritual Snobbery:

This is one reason that many people who desire a mate are not in a relationship. They fail to recognize the good in all. Instead they overemphasize what one isn’t over all that they are. They can’t find someone who meets their “standards” and self sabotage their relationships when they do try with one they deem not good enough. Yet in their human body they desire a mate, thus enters the turmoil because they are blocking the very thing that they crave.

If you’ve recently become spiritual and your significant other isn’t into the aspects of spirituality that you are, should you get rid of them? If you’re into yoga, meditation, mudras, eating healthy, tarot cards and you enjoy nature and the stars, that’s cool but no one ever said that your soul mate would have to be exactly like you. The Universe didn’t tell you that.

Your spirituality belongs solely to you and while it might be nice to have a mate into some of those things that you’re into there are people who are single by choice that enjoy spiritual things by themself.

The Universe matches us to people, situations and opportunities that are on the same energy frequency as us. Our thoughts and feelings raise and lower our energy. You might find that your match is your complete opposite.

Focus On The Good:

  • Does your mate love you? A person will show you even if they don’t tell you.
  • Does your mate care about your well being and happiness? A person who loves you won’t make the whole relationship about themself because they know that a committed relationship should please and benefit both parties.
  • Is your mate protective of you? People protect and defend what they care about.
  • Does your mate cater to you and try to please you? Don’t easily overlook the little things that your significant other does for you. Real love is expressed in many ways. It could be partially expressed as gifts such as flowers, chocolates, diamonds, football ticket, golf clubs and vacations. It could also just as well be foot rubs, hugs, kisses, a hot meal, a shoveled parking spot and nice hot cup of tea fixed just the way you like it.

Love is the most important part of spirituality so how isn’t that type of caring and outward showing of love not beneficial and worthy? Also keep in mind that the spirituality of one doesn’t make them perfect or cancel out their flaws.

Don’t Be:

  • Overly critical – No one wants to get criticized frequently, feeling like there is nothing they can ever do right.
  • Condescending – You might know things that your significant other doesn’t. It doesn’t give one the right to humiliate or go out of their way to prove their mate knowledgeable.
  • A know it all – None of us know it all. We are always learning and growing. Wisdom is knowing when and how to share your knowledge. If it isn’t done in love it is pointless.
  • One who self sabotages – Your mate might not sing Kumbaya by the fire under the light of the full moon but it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you with every fiber of their being. If your mate genuinely cares for you, isn’t abusive and goes out of their way to show their love they deserve appreciation. They are enough and worthy of love. Being spiritual isn’t being judgmental of another.

Focus on your own betterment and self development. You have no control over what the next person does. That what you are a match to will come along when the time is right if you are currently single. Make your intention known to the Universe that you are ready for love and be truly open to receiving it.

Recognize that spirituality means different things to many and who are you to judge? True love doesn’t dictate that both parties must be the same identical person. Being different from and respecting those differences in someone else doesn’t equal settling. Appreciate when you have someone good in your life. Appreciate and allow love to flow into your life.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum