What Is A Limiting Belief?

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that hold you back from being your greatest version and achieving unimaginable success.

They vary from person to person but what they have in common is the reason that one cannot do or achieve something.

Sometimes those beliefs are because growing up one might not have had encouragement and motivation from their parents and family. Their parents might even have put them down when they expressed the desire to succeed at something.

You can also develop limiting beliefs by adopting the beliefs about yourself from friends, significant others and other people.

Two Common Limiting Beliefs.

I can’t do it.

If anyone else can achieve it so can you. People have reached to many heights with their lofty goals and so can you. There is no one on this earth that is better than you or made from something better than you.

It is how you spend your time and what you choose to believe that determines if you will make it or not.

If someone devotes their time to success and another spends every waking moment sitting in front of the television it’s not hard to see why success isn’t coming.

You must be in alignment with your desires and this includes your actions. No action when it is necessary is the same as not even trying to accomplish because action is necessary.

If you were trying to cross the street, for example, and failed to walk across when the light turned green you’d be stuck at the corner until you decided to finally go for it or turn around and head back home.

It is the same principal with achieving goals. You must decide to go.

I’m not good enough.

You are always good enough for what is meant for you. You must have confidence and believe that all things are possible.

You must stay motivated. Your motivation is your responsibility. Everyone isn’t naturally motivated but that.

Some exhibit that get up and go for it drive more than others but that doesn’t mean that we all can’t cultivate that quality.

Not all people are naturally full of motivation and commitment, so it’s something you need to train over a period of time. Changing your mindset can be done with a little bit of willpower – make a list of reasons why you should do a certain thing.


When you limit your beliefs you limit your now and your future because you won’t try to achieve what you desire. Or you will easily give up when the going gets tough.

As long as you think small you’ll live a small life. Meanwhile, you might be craving the benefits of a big life and this creates a clash.

Make an effort to change your limiting beliefs to grow into your best version and live the life of greatness that is meant for you.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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