Have you experienced spiritual information overload?

On the internet, books, self help learning courses and tutorials are abundant. You can find all types of different topics, related to spirituality from angels and God to having the right mindset and law of attraction techniques. An abundance of different materials available can lead to spiritual information overload.

I love to learn.

I ooh and aah when courses and books come out that interest me and you might be the same way. My aim is to consistently expand my spiritual knowledge by learning all that I can.

However there should be boundaries, even when it comes to learning. Too much of a good thing can be bad.

You might ask yourself how can learning ever be bad?

Learning can be bad when:

  • It causes you to suffer from information overload. Which simply means there is so much for you to learn that you wind up feeling frustrated, more confused than when you started and overwhelmed.
  • You don’t know whether you are coming or going because you are involved in so many different courses that you really aren’t learning anything.
  • Because of the confusion you don’t apply what you learn. If each course is telling you to do something different and you might not know where to start.
  • You have so many self help books on your bookcase and hard drive that it would take you years to read them all. So you’re reading just bits and pieces of this and that every so often never forming a complete picture because you haven’t actually finished anything.
  • It hurts you financially because you are addicted to buying the latest book, video set or membership. You’re not being careful when spending your currency energy.

Knowledge is a great tool when put to use.

Learning is a good thing because it expands the mind, storing the information to help you to apply what you learn at a later date.

But, you’re only learning if you have time to take in and process the information. You can’t take out and apply what you never put in.

Now I don’t want to deter you from learning because I am huge on learning and bettering oneself but I do want you to think before you get involved.

Don’t just buy because you think it’s the hottest thing or everyone else is doing it. It doesn’t help you one bit if you never take the time to absorb the information.


Figure out what the course, book or video tutorial system is about. Is it something you are really interested in learning? If you can’t answer yes to this question, then move on to something else.

Everything doesn’t resonate with everybody and that doesn’t mean that the information is bad. It just means that it’s not for you or not for you right now.

Your situation could change and what you might not be ready to learn or may not have time for could easily fit into your schedule later, so don’t feel bad if you don’t have the time right now.

When what you are learning is a right fit for you it won’t feel like spiritual information overload.

Take the time to investigate to see if the system or course is a scam. Everything that glitters is not gold. Do their customers rave about them or do they have many disgruntled customers? If the course is brand new, take a look at some of their past products.

Do their customers feel that it is worth the money, do they rave about the product over-delivering or do they feel that it is shoddy and not worth paying for?

You’ll probably find that there are numerous ebooks and courses that can really help you if you read and apply what you learn.

If you buy an ebook or two or three actually read them before going on to buy number four, five, ten and twenty. Pick something that resonates with you and go through the material.

I’m big on reading but I love to learn from video courses and improve myself. I like to take time to think it over before I invest in an ebook or online course.

So I normally give myself a day or so to think about it after I decide that the information it contains can help me, sometimes I take longer than that because I want to be sure.

If I still feel strongly about purchasing I do but if I feel like it isn’t so important to me after all, I don’t. If I decide at a later date that I have the time I can always get it later.

I enrolled in the Innerversity taking Semester 1 courses a couple of months ago and I’m loving it. I’m learning about Celestial Mechanics, Vibratory Energetics, Language and Symbolism, Breathing And Tantra and much more.

I find Sevan Bomar’s unique method of teaching about spirituality quite interesting and informative. He breaks everything down into understandable chunks of knowledge. The course consists of videos, PDF’s, pictures and other references.