Everyone Isn’t A Hater.

Yes it’s true that some are so I won’t say it’s not a possibility.

But that’s not the reason that almost everyone you know may not be ready to rock and roll with your grand plan.

Some people just can’t see your vision because they weren’t meant to.

It could be they’re thinking small and are unable to fathom the type of success your anticipating.

They might see your dream as unachievable because it’s just too big for them.

Though you might dream big everyone does not. What’s placed in your heart isn’t in their heart.

There are many that believe the way of living that they were born into is the way they’ll forever  remain.

They have no hope for their own futures so you can’t expect them to deeply believe in your prospective future.

Some are afraid you’ll actually succeed and that makes them feel inferior so they try to discourage you to avoid facing the fact that they aren’t living their dreams.

This isn’t a hater per say but more along the lines of misery loves company.

This is where finding the right association comes in handy.

Those who believe in themselves will be more apt to believe in you too.

They are the ones that will push you to focus, strive, and maintain when others are trying to stop you from what they believe to be an impossible dream.

Let go of who you feel should be supporting you, motivating you, or feeling you, and ALLOW God the Universe to steer you in the right direction.

Flowing not forcing is how we should go through life.

Others can inspire you but know this … staying motivated is one hundred percent your responsibility.

Keep In Mind.

No one was given your exact vision, skills, passions, thoughts, etc but you.

So those who you feel should be hype about your journey might not have the slightest interest or inclination towards what you are striving for.

Even if you were to partner with someone to achieve something great your mission is not theirs.

Other people may compliment your gifts with theirs but they can never replace you or fulfill your mission in life.

Your life will not take a journey identical to theirs.

Your connection with the Divine is uniquely yours.

Don’t Limit The Universe.

God the Universe conspires to help you achieve your wildest dreams.

When you put your believe your vision can only be brought into fruition if certain people are involved or support you that is worrying about the how.

Not only is that not your job, it also limits what God the Universe will do regarding your  vision because you have free will.

You will not be forced to achieve your wildest dreams.

You are the only thing standing between you and your vision.

You can either push through and see your vision into fruition or keep dreaming about it.

The choice is yours!

I had to come to the realization that those you think should do this or that may not even be a part of the plan.

Once I recognized that fact it helped me to stop wasting my time trying to convince people of my dream.

The only person I need to impress with my dreams  is me.

I was able to stop wondering why other people get supported by certain people instead of me.

I was able to stop repelling the support meant for me. We attract what we are.

The more negative we feel the more negative we attract and the more positive we repel.

Some of my biggest support came from unexpected people.

I am open to all of the resources, help, and, assistance, and support available to help me turn my dreams into reality.

The Universe has your back so don’t worry.

What is meant for you will come to you and you won’t have to force it.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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