Your View Of Money Matters.

Money is your obedient servant if you allow it to be. You can choose to live abundantly.

Just as you are energy so is money.

It is one type of abundance and one of the tools that our system uses in exchange for goods and services.

Money provides freedom that a lack of money does not.

How many times have you been unable to do something because of a lack of funds?

Is Money Really The Root Of All Evil?

I think not.

Some people truly fear or hate money and they strongly believe it is the root of all evil.

At one time I actually believed this to be true. I can tell you first hand that this belief didn’t serve me one bit.

Many of us were taught this false belief in various religions.

Some of us have had negative experiences with family members or friends who had more money than the average person around us.

Or it was ingrained into us by our families who unfortunately were passed this misinformation down about money, as generation after generation forever struggled.

Think about it and let that sink in.

This kind of stinkin’ thinking hasn’t helped one bit.

The way some of us grew up affected our subconscious minds because we equated money with those unpleasant experiences as well as the things taught or shown to us.

As a result, some of us must work on our subconscious minds to bypass limiting thoughts to even be able to attain wealth.

I consistently work on my inner self because I know this affects my outer world.

Instead of hating on wealth I invite abundance to come into my life.

Abundance comes in many forms and not just in a coin or paper money form.

I speak about what I desire as if I already have it and I watch how I speak because I know that we can unknowingly talk ourselves right out of the very things that we want.

I am open to all forms of abundance flowing to me and my household. How about you?

Money In Itself Isn’t Evil.

Money is necessary. It is the lengths that you would go to in order to get it and how you treat people regarding it that make it a positive or a negative situation for you.

You don’t get awarded a saint-ship for being poor.

You just have a much harder life and a feeling of being unfulfilled if you desire more than you can afford with no hope of ever attaining it.

You can be just as kind wealthy as you can be poor.

It is a myth that the wealthy are bad. It is this mindset that will keep you forever broke and frustrated.

There are negatives and positives in all kinds of people regardless of their financial status.

I choose not to dislike someone because of what they have. I choose not to hate what I myself desire.

Are You Open To Learn?

I see plenty of rich and wealthy people who are more than willing to share the recipe of how they got there with all who are willing to learn instead of hoarding all of their knowledge for themselves.

I take the time to learn because who better to teach you about money and abundance than those who have it?

There is nothing wrong with desiring and attaining finer things or being very wealthy.

You do not have to destine yourself to a life of poverty to be considered a decent person.

When you take the time to verse yourself in what you do not know, ignorance leaves you.

Forever struggling is a choice that you don’t have to choose.

The more you have the more you can help others.

Change your mindset; change your life. If we already know what doesn’t work that means we need to do something different.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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