Many things in this world reek of negativity, especially on social media websites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. From politics to local crime, negativity dwells all around us online. War, hate crimes, child abuse, violent crimes and deliberate political blunder headlines are thrust at us just about daily.

Sometimes negativity is glorified in forms of memes and videos. You might see an inspirational post with a small amount of likes and then a negative post such as a fight video with thousands of likes and comments.

Some people feel bogged down by all of the negativity floating on social media website. Negativity is contagious. You are what you most consistently take in.

Fight back against negativity by spreading positivity and sharing your happiness when you post.  This in turn helps to raise the vibrations of those who read your posts. Your post might wind up being the only positive one in their feed and could help to brighten their day.

Share positive quotes and pictures. Share inspirational and motivation stories. You could also share positive anecdotes and things that made you happy throughout the day.