When setting intentions you should do so with a positive frame of mind. You want to get into your happy place before doing so to keep your intention from carrying a negative vibration.

Also, you will not achieve what you have no belief in. You have to believe yourself capable of achieving your goal or dream.

Think about it. Why would you go above and beyond for something you don’t believe in? It just wouldn’t make sense.

People go to bat for what they strongly believe in.

Creating the life of your dreams isn’t easy but it is tangible if you believe it to be so. Never allow anyone to crush your dreams.

Dream big and then dream bigger!

See yourself accomplishing. There is no one greater than you. If someone else can do it, so can you if it is meant.

I’m a firm believer that everything isn’t for everybody but everybody is meant for something great.

I believe we all have a mission to accomplish and while you might think your mission is one thing and it could totally turn out to be something else.

Sometimes one route leads to an entirely new destination that you might have never even considered.

You’ll never know unless you head out and start your journey.

Take time to think about how you would feel if you were to achieve such a goal. Revel in that good feeling.

If simply desiring were all that was required of us we’d all already be successful at whatever we desired.

While it’s not our job to concern ourselves with the how the what is definitely up to us.
The Universe conspires with us to help bring our intentions into the physical.

There is more than one way to set intentions that you send out into the Universe. One easy way is to use a candle. I punch holes in my candle and pourĀ  an oil on top so it can seep into the holes. Today I used a money oil.

I stare at the wick of the candle and program it with my intentions. I’ve done this aloud and silently.

Sometimes I set one intention and sometimes I set several related intentions. Once I’m finished I light the candle.

I allow the candle to burn until the wax is gone and it can’t possibly burn anymore.

This takes about three days depending on the candle I use. I prefer a tall long burning candle in glass. You can find them with or without religious stickers on it. I am not religious but will use either.

Be sure to sit your candle somewhere it won’t easily tip over and out of reach of young children. If you use a regular candle the glass can break, so be careful.

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Every time I look at my candle it brings to mind my intentions, goals, and dreams. You don’t have to use a candle but it’s an easy way to bring attention back to your intentions.

Set an intention and see where it leads.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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