Negativity is pushed at us from all sides from the new media to social networking sites. One might feel that there isn’t much good left in the world but that simply isn’t true. Everything in life isn’t negative. There is much good if you dare to open up your eyes and look.

Don’t let anyone convince you that all people are bad and untrustworthy. There are many loving and loyal people all over the earth. Love is not limited to a certain, race, color or nation. There is good in all people and all people are members of the human race. Have love for your fellow man and woman.

The more good you see in life the more good you attract to you. Negativity lowers our energy and blocks us from matching to higher energy opportunities, situations and people. The absence of goodness in life is really our own inability to truly see it.

Beauty is all around. It is perceived in the eye of the beholder and isn’t limited to anything outward. You are beautiful and so is everyone else. We don’t have to each be a cookie cutter version of the next to be beautiful.

Miracles are abound. The Universe co-creates with us, creating miracles in our lives. Life is a blessing. It’s a wonderful Universe that we are a part of. Just the fact that we can create our own reality is a miracle in itself. This means our wildest dreams can come true.

Gratitude welcomes abundance. Being thankful for that which we already have signals the Universe to bring us more of what we desire if we are in alignment with it.

Fun and play rejuvenate us. We greatly benefit from quality me time whether it’s a vacation or merely doing something that we enjoy.

Hugs and kisses from family, friends and significant others make us feel loved and important. The bonds we have with other people are a beautiful thing. No one is truly alone as we are all connected but some of us are closer to each other than others. It feels good to be cared for.

Take time to stop and smell the roses. See the positive in life and enjoy it fully. It’s your life, you have a choice.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum