Unfortunately, many times when one begins to diet they mistakenly think that in order to lose weight they have to compromise on taste and give up everything that they love. Many of us who have tried to lose weight have an enormous sweet tooth from time to time.This is one of the biggest factors in one not wanting to adopt a healthier diet. Surely satisfying your cravings for sweets must be near impossible if you approach your diet that way.

This is one of the biggest factors in one not wanting to adopt a healthier diet. Surely satisfying your cravings for sweets must be near impossible if you approach your diet that way. Fortunately, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without increasing your waistline.

satisfy a sweet tooth

4 Tips for when cravings hit:

  • When cravings for sweets hit wait about twenty minutes before making a move to determine if you really do want something sweet or if you might be craving food for another reason like boredom.
  • If you absolutely must have your favorite chocolate bar, why not have a fun sized version which is much smaller than the average size. This way you still get to enjoy your chocolate treat without blowing your diet. I am a chocolate lover and believe me the calories add up when enjoying regular size bars.
  • You have to see your diet as a permanent lifestyle change and not just a temporary phase. If you plan on eating certain snacks like candy bars after you lose the weight, you need to learn portion control now.
  • It’s better to have a little of something real than a little lot of something fake. Some eat candies, drinks and other snacks chock full of fake sweeteners.  I stopped the artificial sweeteners when it really hit me just how unsafe and unhealthy they are.

satisfy a sweet tooth

Of course, there are other more healthy ways to satisfy

your sweet tooth so lets explore a few of those options.

Try cubing your favorite melons like watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. Throw in a peeled and separated orange, a sliced banana, some strawberries, grapes and a few raspberries and you’ve got the ultimate delicious fruit salad.

satisfy your sweet tooth

Coconut yogurt or soy yogurt with fruit slices make for a very nice sweet treat. A small amount of soy or almond chocolate pudding layered on top of sliced bananas, cantaloupe and strawberries can knock out your cravings for chocolate and sweets.

You can substitute the chocolate soy pudding for vanilla flavored if you like. If you make your pudding from scratch you can make any flavor that you desire.

Flavored teas make a great alternative to sugar laden soda and are a real sweet tooth satisfier. You can sweeten them with agave, honey or the sweetener of your choice.

satisfy your sweet tooth

Make your own fruity shakes by adding oranges, bananas, strawberries and pineapple juice with a few ice cubes, water, and flavored protein powder. Put it all into the blender and in just minutes you’ll have a tasty and healthy treat. This is one of my daily go to snacks. It helps me to get enough protein in and it tastes great. There are so many taste combinations you can make.

Try experimenting in the kitchen to come up with different snacks that you find satisfying. Having a wide variety of healthy foods will help you to feel less likely to give up or cheat because you won’t feel like you’re dieting and deprived.

If you run out of ideas, get a few cookbooks that focus on healthy desserts and dishes or search on the internet for new recipes. When you get creative in the kitchen you never have to compromise on taste and live with a bland boring diet.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum