Let Go Of Hatred In Its Various Forms And Just Love.

Love is what the world needs. Love is a state of being that makes you feel good.

It’s time for that only caring about self mentality, that many are exhibiting, to go bye bye.

Yes, you are the co creator of your own reality and should be focused on yourself.

But to show care, love, and concern for others isn’t a denial of who you are or a block to your success.

To be respectful of another person’s culture and to see the beauty of it doesn’t make a mockery of or decrease the value of yours.

To be in appreciation of another’s wins doesn’t make you a loser.

To not covet another’s possessions is freedom to attain what is rightfully yours.

You can hunger for success without feeling inadequate because someone else is winning.

To show mercy and kindness is strength, it doesn’t make you weak.

To give to someone who can never repay you instead of looking down on them because they are in desperate need of a come up is a beautiful thing.

Love Wins.

Haters never win. The energy they exert hating on others leaves them too tired to pursue loving themselves.

The jealous hearted never win. Envy eats at them and their dreams. They can’t focus on their own goals long enough to truly achieve and feel satisfied.

A win doesn’t always equal money, though it certainly can. There are many ways you can win at life.

Haters aren’t always broke financially but they are broke in other ways.

Hatred Only Breeds More Hate.

It attracts negativity like a magnet.

Hatred or hating on someone is a sickness. Just as a disease can attack the body so can hatred.

It seeps into your mind, heart, and soul and festers leaving one riddled with guilt, shame, envy, vile thoughts, and a feeling of brokenness, or not enough.

Haters aren’t truly happy no matter how much they pretend to be. They are filled with lack in some major area of their life.

Happy people uplift others instead of tearing them down.

You can never truly prosper being a hater because like attracts likes.

Though areas of their life may be crumbling around them they are blind to the fact they attracted it.

Hate and jealousy go hand in hand and start with the thought which sparks an emotion.

The words you speak and the actions you take bring it to life.

On Guard!

Guard your thoughts and guard your heart because when you hate you have now become an enemy of self.

Correct thoughts as they arise when necessary.

Through your own correction will change be made.

Don’t beat yourself up if you experience or have in the past experienced feelings of hatred, jealousy, or envy.

I never profess to be perfect and have been on the other side.

I can personally tell you that being happy and loving towards others is where it’s at.

There is a freedom that you just can’t experience when engaging in negative behaviors.

My excuse used to be “Well they started it”.

It never exempted me from receiving back what I was attracting.

I used to allow others to get me out of character when they upset me.

Now I try my best not to feed into foolishness.

People treat you according to how they feel and I have no control over anything besides whether I will deal with them or not.

You won’t get any airy fairy everyone has to be best friends crap over here.

Everyone doesn’t mean you well. You don’t have to accept hatred and negativity into your life.

I’m a firm believer in cutting people off to protect my own sanity.

But I choose not to return the negativity to them. It’s not my place to punish others.

Don’t allow the actions of others to encourage yourself to make bad choices or consistently engage in negative thinking or speech.

No one can make you do anything. The better you take command of your thoughts and feelings the better command you take of your life.

All One All Self.

We are all connected and what you do to or wish on another you do to or wish on yourself.

Wish your perceived enemies well and speak prosperity on your family and friends.

I gave up having enemies. There may be people who don’t care for me but that’s their problem.

I keep it all love and allow Hatred and dislike to return to sender.

I choose not to participate in what I’m not interested in.

Love is our natural state and when we go in the opposite direction we attract all kinds of negativity into your life.

Be loving and kind and it will return to you tenfold.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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