When you’re working on achieving your goals and dreams you’re probably hoping that everything goes smoothly and that there are little to no problems along the way. Every day you push a little further.

It’s so much easier to stay productive and on track when everything is going your way. How well I know this.

However, life doesn’t always work that way. Things appear to be going great and then, boom, something out of the ordinary goes wrong.

Sometimes it might even seem as though nothing is going your way. You might feel like falling apart or giving up due to frustration.

While curling up into a ball in your blanket fort might sound appealing this isn’t the time to give up.

Don’t allow anything to hold you back. The tough times are the times in which you need to dig deep into your reserve of strength so you can push a little harder and a little further.

Any times that I failed to push through I only wound up wanting to kick myself, wishing I had just held tight a little longer because I was either way off the mark or had to completely start over.

The alleviation of momentary frustration was never worth the progress I would lose when I stopped doing the things that helped me to progress.

Giving up leaves you exactly where you are or worse. You will never progress if you give up.

For example:

If you get upset and decide to go on a junk food binge, giving up on your healthy eating plan you can reasonably expect to gain weight instead of progressing in your weight loss journey.

Failure to progress equals failure.

There are going to be times when:

  • Your car breaks down or a major appliance starts acting up out of nowhere.
  • You’re having problems at work.
  • You have a bad experience with someone you love.
  • Your feelings are hurt.
  • You’re feeling angry.
  • You’re greatly disappointed in someone.
  • A new experience didn’t pan out like you thought.
  • Life doesn’t seem fair.
  • When things seem to go in a totally different direction then you expected.
  • One negative thing after the next happens.

This is the way of life and guess what? You are strong enough to handle whatever life throws your way and still make it.

Believe that!

Sometimes right when you’re on the brink of something wonderful your whole world seems to fall apart. All of this is a part of your journey.

Keep going, don’t stop!

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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