Affirmations are powerful phrases or self talk that boost your confidence and self esteem. The better you feel the higher your vibrational energy.

Pregnancy Affirmations:

I am worthy of becoming a mother.

I love myself and my body.

I am fully capable of being a good mother.

I can provide a loving and warm home to a child.

I am emotionally able to provide love to a child.

My body knows how to get pregnant.

I will get pregnant when the time is right.

My womb is the perfect place for my developing child.

My womb knows how to keep my baby safe.

My womb was created for pregnancy.

I can adequately provide for my child.

I love my unborn child.

I feel a connection to my unborn child.

I don’t stress about staying pregnant because my womb was created for this purpose.

I am carrying a healthy baby.

Life is in my womb.

My baby feels my love.

My labor and delivery will go smoothly.

I am fully prepared to be a parent.

I love and take care of myself which will in turn allow me to be a better mother to my child.

I will be a great mother.

I’m enjoying my journey to motherhood.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum