Does it really matter if you feel positive or negative as long as you go about your daily normal life and do the things you normally do. Yes it does, because it can affect all aspects of your life.

We have a say as to whether we’ll be happy or miserable. You can’t be negative and live a positive life. Positivity can help you to improve your health, have better relationships, achieve more goals and live your dreams.

Negativity takes a toll on not just your mood but also your relationships with others, your health and productivity. Negativity grips you tight and keeps you in a rut if you let it. You’ll find yourself bickering and arguing and pushing a wedge between those you love and yourself.

You’ll find yourself feeling blah and the more you feel blah the easier it is for you to stay trapped in that feeling because the universe brings you situations and people matching your vibration. That’s the reason why some live their dreams and others live their nightmares going through one negative experience after the next.

Ditch negativity and replace it with some feel good positivity. Go for a walk, recite positive affirmations, cleanse you home of negative energy with sage or palo santo, be thankful for all that you have, listen to and watch or read positive materials etc. This will set you on the path to become a more powerful positive you.

Change might not happen overnight but nevertheless keep at it. Change your mindset, change your life.