Take note of these things because they are for your benefit and in alignment with the fulfillment of your purpose in life.

Vibrate higher. You are vibrational energy, not time away from your wildest dreams. Level up and match up to what you desire.

Your desires aren’t there to taunt and tease you but to make you grow and expand who you think you are and show you who you really are.

Unlearn all of the things that are keeping you from being the type person necessary to achieve your goals and reach your dreams.

Learn and become all that you truly are while the artificial layers of you are unpeeled and the truth of you is revealed.

Keep committing to your goals and dreams. Don’t give up because they aren’t snap of the finger easy.

Stay gracious. You might not have all you desire yet but it is well within your grasp. Take time to acknowledge with gratitude all of the things that you already have.

Take note of the fact that you already have so much more than many around the world.

You didn’t always have all that you have and just as you acquired these things you shall acquire more. Believe that.

Most worthwhile things require belief, time for you to match it vibrationally, and effort.


Change is one constant in the world. It is the way of life.

Change to be what you need to or be left behind stagnant in your own belief that you don’t need to change a thing though that hasn’t worked so far.

Don’t give up! Push fear to the side. It is just another illusionary obstacle testing you to see just how bad you really want it.

How bad do you want it? Is your desire lukewarm or burning hot?

Let go of your need to control everything. You co-create reality but you are not in full control of any aspect of life.

Roll with the punches. Bad days come but let them go. Let the emotions run through you and out of you. Don’t suppress them and don’t hold onto them.

Take action when necessary. Sometimes that action might be to not take an action that you’d considered taking. Sometimes that action is jumping on something right then and there, striking while the iron is hot.

Allow your intuition to guide you.

Accept all that the Universe has to give you. Its abundance is infinite you know!

Don’t be distracted. Things will throw you off track, zig while your zagging, and turn left while you’re going right but don’t be discouraged.

It’s okay to be disappointed but don’t let it consume you.

Stay motivated, stay inspired. That is your responsibility!

Just breathe and relax.

Know this … all that you desire is coming if you allow it to.

Note to self.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum