I’m cooking at home more because I can control what goes in my food.

Knowing what’s in your food is a must when trying to lose weight.

When I cook for myself I am in control of how much fat and sugar I’m eating.

I’m also eating less meat since my aim is to be vegan or vegetarian (no eggs, dairy, or meat).

Some of my meals are completely meat and seafood free.

I can opt to use veggie stock instead of a meat based broth or chicken substitute instead of chicken breast.

Plus I really enjoy my own cooking.

I have so much I’m working on and at times I’ll feel I’m just too busy to cook.

Eating too much takeout packs on the pounds for me.

I decided to make time for what is important.

Today I made Jasmine rice, veggie stir fry, and beans.

Beans vsg weight loss
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Yesterday I made grits and potatoes with scrambled eggs for my family.

I’m still drinking my healthy fruit and veggie drinks.

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Losing more weight and further improving my health are serious goals of mine.

What good would the books and blog that I’m writing be if I didn’t have a measure of good health?

When your actions are in alignment with the desired outcome you get better results.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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