Like An Unfinished Puzzle.

You can read informative blogs, you can watch motivational videos, and you can be inspired by others.

You could be working at being more positive and increasing your vibrational energy.

You can even go through the motions, make a small attempt to achieve a goal.

All of these things are great but …

If this one piece is missing from your strategy you might as well forget it.

It doesn’t matter how bad you want to succeed if you don’t even believe you can.

Your dream may be:

  • Being a best selling author.
  • Writing and selling your movie manuscript.
  • Putting out your first music single.
  • Creating beats and producing music for singers and rap artists.
  • Selling your art.
  • Designing a clothing line that sells.
  • Creating luxury bath products.
  • Excelling in your Direct Sales or Network Marketing business.
  • Being a celebrity makeup artist.
  • Moving out of the country.
  • Volunteering as aid in a movement that betters lives in a third world country.
  • Being a successful blogger.
  • Healing your body from sickness.
  • Being in a loving relationship.
  • Achieving maintainable weight loss.
  • Running a successful business.
  • Getting booked for high paying public speaking engagements.
  • Creating an online course that sells.
  • Ending bad habits.
  • Spiritual growth.
  • Your dream home.
  • A new car.
  • A better job.
  • Financial freedom
  • Anything else you can dream up!

It is highly unlikely that you will succeed if you don’t believe yourself capable of achieving your goals and bringing your dreams to life.

When you have a strong belief in yourself there is no stopping you.

You are a force to be reckoned with!

Hurdles are jumped over and obstacles are obliterated because it is your mission, your passion, your desire to bring that dream to life.

The method or path you take to reach your goal or dream may change but the dream stays the same when you believe that you are capable of succeeding.

You absolutely will not give up on your dream because you believe with all of your being that your dream is attainable.

Once you achieve it a new dream is born.

When you don’t believe it doesn’t take much to put the stops on your dream because it never felt real.

Do you believe in yourself and your dreams? Type yes in comment section  below!

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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