When you are confident you view yourself in a favorable light. You believe in your own abilities. You trust that your instincts and thinking are sufficiently on point when you need to get things done. When you lack confidence you struggle to accept who you really are and you don’t believe that you possess the ability to achieve your goals.

One who lacks confidence goes through life feeling as if they’re not smart enough, skilled enough, good looking enough or talented enough. They don’t believe that they’ll ever be. They judge themself harshly, often thinking others are way more capable then them.

Their internal voice or self talk is ugly and tears them down. Often they are kinder to others than they are to themselves. Self talk directly impacts how you feel about yourself. If it is predominantly negative it will not up-build oneself. This self imposed stress can result in depression and anxiety.

Mindfulness help you change this destructive pattern of thinking and can build your confidence by replacing the inadequate feelings with trust for yourself. Mindfulness requires that you to not dwell unnecessarily on your past or on any negative experiences.

Instead you are to focus on who you are right now. This helps you to accept yourself as you are right this very moment. You will find that not only are you good enough but you can also strive to improve yourself. Over time your self confidence is strengthened.

Practicing mindfulness can also be a big self-esteem booster. Being mindful requires you to be in the present. You aren’t dwelling in the past or overly focused on the future. You are non judgmentally accepting who you are in the here and now.