Self-love, the regard for your own happiness and well-being is a necessity and not an option. It is what will drive you to make the best choices for you.

This will help you to become your best you, the most powerful you. Self-love allows you to become love. Your motives are steeped in love. You can fully love others. You can also motivate others to love themselves.

A lack of self-love is the biggest factor in your unhappiness. When you don’t love yourself you accept any and everything into your life without regard for your own feelings and preferences.

If you love yourself you might not be apt to:

  • Choose the wrong partner. You would choose to be with someone who shows that they love, value and respect you.
  • Choose the wrong career. You would do what makes you happy and succeed at doing it.
  • Disregard your health. You would respect your body as a temple and treat it well, being more selective of what you put inside of it. You would exercise and avoid stressful situations. You would avoid harmful medications and drugs. You’d think twice before gorging on unhealthy foods every day.
  • Avoid gaining knowledge. Self-development and improvement are crucial to your success. The more you expand your knowledge the more you will grow as a person. That growth could inspire and motivate you to succeed at higher levels.
  • Me unmindful of your entertainment. You are what you take in. You wouldn’t make a habit out of watching massive amounts of misleading television or glorify violent videos on social media or taking part in harmful gossip.

Practice self-love starting today. Make choices that reflect the love that you have for yourself.