Healthy Food Has To Be Boring!

If you’re trying to shed some unwanted pounds, you must give up everything that you love and eat nothing but twigs and berries. Right? No wrong! You can easily lose weight the tasty way.

Don’t allow your meals to be tasteless as cardboard and as boring as watching two coats of fresh paint dry. If you don’t enjoy your food you will struggle with your diet.

Here are a few tips that will help you to bring some excitement into your meals.

Experiment with new recipes. Try different ethnic healthy foods that you’ve never had before. Tantalize your taste buds with new spices and flavors.

In need of new recipes? Not a problem. You can easily find plenty of recipe books for sale online or you can visit recipe sites to learn how to prepare new exciting dishes. You can even go to your local library and check out recipe books or borrow a recipe book from a friend.

There is no reason to eat tasteless food just because you are dieting. The foods you experiment with and try could end up becoming some of your new favorites. At one point I never thought that shakes with fresh kale and spinach could wind up being my favorites.

Try throwing a weight loss potluck dinner with your weight loss buddies and have each one bring a different healthy but tasty dish. You could even assign specific recipes to each attendee so you can all try new foods and recipes.

As you discover new flavors you will develop healthy new favorites. You could take it a step further and agree to one healthy dinner party per month. You will look forward to the camaraderie amongst those in similar situations as you and you can discover new tasty dishes.

Throw the same types of dinner parties with your family as well. They might discover some new healthy favorites too even if they aren’t trying to lose weight.

Make your current recipes healthier. Omit, tweak and add until you are left with great taste without all of the fat and cholesterol in traditional recipes. Try various hot sauces, flavored healthy oils, extracts and spices to pack a powerful punch into your everyday recipes.

For example, plain beans out of a can on a tortilla wrap might be boring but beans that were cooking in vegetable stock with garlic, onions, and peppers smothered in seasoned mushrooms and zucchini looks and tastes so much better.

Instead of plain apples, try sprinkling them with cinnamon and baking them. It will make a warm, delicious and healthy treat.

Add herbs, fruits, and vegetables to your salads that you wouldn’t normally eat. I discovered that I love salad greens with apples and walnuts.

Baking your potatoes with a dash of olive oil and herbs are much healthier than traditional, fat laden french fries.

When you enjoy your food you will have better results with your weight loss because it won’t feel like a diet.

Experiment in the kitchen and make your food fun.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum