Stress is that culprit that robs us of joy and happiness. Some stress can do the body good and serves a purpose but stress at the chronic level is bad. We can’t be the best versions of ourselves if stress is running and ruining our lives.

Stress affects:

Mood. It’s hard to feel light and happy when stress is weighing us down emotionally.

Appetite and weight. Some tend to drastically gain or lose weight when stressed.

Our energy level. We vibrate at lower levels when we aren’t happy.

Ability to manifest. You’re emotions have a direct bearing on your ability to manifest. You are matched only with people, situations and opportunities that you are aligned with energetically.

Health. Stress over time can cause a host of health issues, some of them major. It’s not uncommon for those severely stressed out to develop heart problems.

Once stressed forever stressed? While it might seem that way depending on your level of stress and for how long it’s been going on, that’s not quite true. We can decide to not be stressed by living in the moment and not dwelling on the not so pleasant things that enter our lives. How we choose to look at things really matter.

Two people going through an almost identical situation can have one thriving and one barely hanging on. This is because thoughts and emotions matter greatly! In all the history of worrying, worrying has never solved a problem. In fact it can make them worse as you might not be in the best frame of mind when it comes to making decisions.

If whatever you are going through can be changed for the positive than by all means make the necessary changes. If you can’t change what is going on then change the way you view it. Look at each moment as if you chose it to be that way to avoid suffering. The bad times don’t last forever unless you choose to hang on to them.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum