You might see someone heading down what you think is the wrong path and want to save them the trouble. It’s sometimes hard to watch those we care about engaging in destructive behaviors.

You might have even expressed this to them. This is planting the seed in their mind.

If they are interested in what you have to save they might take your advice and change but what if they aren’t interested?

This is when you are to simply back off. It is not your responsibility to change anyone. You are not in charge of making that seed grow.

Let it go!

Stop trying to save people because you can’t force anyone to come off of the path they are on. That is not your job.

The path that they are on is a part of their journey and if they discover that they don’t like where it is heading they will head in a new direction.

Think about how difficult it is when you are trying to make changes in yourself. Many times there are failure and setbacks before success. How more so would it be difficult to change someone else.

You will save yourself much unnecessary stress and headache by minding your business and focusing on yourself.

Someone does not have to walk your exact path to be worthy of your love. Just love them unconditionally as they are right now, even if you have to from afar, without judging them or try to force change.

Inspire them to save themselves by focusing on yourself and becoming your best version of you.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum