You Have A Choice.

You don’t have to entertain every single argument or battle you’re invited to.

Know this … people treat you according to how they feel about themselves.

It’s not about you even if that person has a problem with you and I’ll tell you why.

One can not want to closely associate with you or not like something they believe you did and still treat you with kindness and dignity.

Issues do not have to flair up into monstrous sized problems and drama to be solved.

How a person chooses to treat someone else says more about them than the other person.

Some people choose to cause drama even though they were unprovoked.

Have you ever known someone who just doesn’t like you but you can’t figure out why?

Most people barely love themselves and don’t know how to extend it to you because they don’t know how to love.

Love starts with self.

When people are habitually nasty and argumentative whether they like you or not it’s because something isn’t right inside of them.

Hurt people hurt people.

You don’t owe losing your peace of mind to anyone.

It’s not self loving to allow people to manipulate your feelings and emotions.

Stop making excuses for people who’s inner worlds aren’t aligned with love. They don’t mean you any good.

Happy and well balanced people don’t have time to hurt people for sport even if they have a problem with someone.

They are too busy uplifting others and focusing on how to make their own lives better.

Have you ever met a person who chooses to take the high road instead of stooping to the level of the one who offended them?

One can disagree with or have a problem with someone and still show them respect.

Keep This In Mind.

Miserable people love company and the kicker is that some people don’t even know they’re miserable and that their problems are really within.

They will direct their anger at you instead of getting to the bottom of what they have going on inside.

The real question for you is to figure out why this person is in your life experience.

Like energy attracts like energy and we repeat what we fail to learn from.

Figure out what the message or lesson is. Is there something you need to change in your life to avoid this kind of situation altogether?

Are You habitually allowing people’s actions to control your words and actions?

Take back your control if that I said the case.

Raise your energy, make better choices, and eventually your reality will change.

What does not match you vibrationally will eventually leave you.

What You Don’t Want To Do.

Don’t let them drag you down with them.

A wildly flailing drowning man will drown you too if you’re not careful.

Don’t allow your ego to allow them to lower your energy.

Negativity lowers your vibrational energy.

You co create your reality, not them. No one can make you do anything.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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