Time Is What You Make Of It.

Albert Einstein believed that time is an illusion and that there is no real distinction between the past, present, and future. If this is true then it surely means we aren’t limited by time.

Though I certainly agree that time is an illusion there are some who are still limited in what they can achieve in a day. I myself have firsthand experience with this limitation.

You May Wonder.

So if time itself is an illusion and isn’t limiting us why do some seem to achieve so much more in a day than others? There are some who seem like they have two or even days in one because they achieve so much.

Then there are some people who feel like they just don’t have enough hours in the day. I myself have felt this way. I used to feel as if I had maybe another four or five hours more per day I’d be able to get more done.

At one point I spent much of my day watching television. Show after show. I was completely absorbed. I also wasn’t achieving my dreams or goals either. They weren’t even a priority. That made no sense. I had to make changes.

That made no sense. I had to make changes in my life. So I stopped being married to my television set and putting everyone else’s needs above mine. I had to start spending some of my energy on me.

Back to the question about those who get more done. The answer isn’t difficult. Those who greatly achieve put their time to good use. If they have a goal in mind they perform the necessary tasks to succeed. Their actions match their desires.

They aren’t sitting around watching television all day long or only choosing to indulge in recreation. Necessary tasks are a priority for them.

Recreation can be a wonderful thing but there is a place in our lives for work and play. All play and no work achieve nothing.

During your waking hours, there are different tasks that you perform each day. Some are of a necessity like eating, bathing, and sleeping.

Other tasks are solely for entertainment purposes like watching television, going roller skating and attending music concerts.

The tasks we deem a priority are the tasks that we will tackle first. Other things we allow to wait for another time.

Time management is something that many try to perfect to make sure that the necessary and important tasks are completed each day.

Time Is Merely A Measurement Of Moments. 

Man counts the earth’s complete rotation around the sun as one year. That year is then broken down into 365 days.  Each of the hours that tick by on our clocks or that whiz by on our cell phones represents 1/24 of each day.

It’s what you choose to do during those hours that really matters. You have a choice. If it matters to you then make sure you get it done. Make it a priority and you won’t easily dismiss it.

A dream is just that if you never make any effort to make it come true. You have to figure out if your dream is a priority or just something you’re just interested in if it’s easy or convenient.

Don’t be a martyr! Never deaden your dreams. You have a responsibility to create your own happiness, to take care of yourself and this includes bringing your dreams to life.

Being your best version helps you to help and inspire others.

Make It A Priority.

  • Write that movie script you’ve been thinking about.
  • Create that prototype you’ve been designing in your mind.
  • Start that diet and begin losing weight.
  • Begin your exercise regimen.
  • Start preparing meals regularly at home.
  • Make time to pamper and relax.
  • Read that book you purchased.
  • Learn that new language you’re interested in.
  • Enroll in that class that caught your eye.

To reach your goal you must start somewhere.

Time doesn’t have to exist for you to manage the space of time that you have each day between waking and sleeping. You are your own biggest limitation or liberator. Stop limiting yourself and reach your goals.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum