On Instagram I would frequently see all types of women and men in an array of ages, nationalities, and colors doing cool looking yoga poses naked and clothed.

Poses like downward facing dog, supported headstand, child’s pose, crane, tripod handstand, firefly, and eight-angle.

I saw heavy-set women doing serious yoga moves and my jaw dropped.

I was flabbergasted. As a woman who has always been plus sized I mistakenly assumed that yoga was only for fit and trim people.

Boy was I wrong! I saw women my size and larger doing splits and handstands. Wow!

I became intrigued.

The more I saw it the more I wanted to try it.

Some say it is another form of meditation, which I am very much into, so at that point I was beyond interested.

By that point I’d lost a nice amount of weight and was more mobile than I’d been in a long time.

I was gung ho to try it. I could just imagine me learning how to get into all those cool poses.

I bought a couple of DVD’s. I even purchased and downloaded a yoga app on my iPhone.

A few times I excitedly posted practicing yoga on my Facebook page.

I tried a variety of moves. Each time it didn’t turn out exactly as good as I expected.

I discovered that yoga isn’t all rose colored glasses, yummy vegan desserts and drunken smiles.

Real improvement comes with time and consistent practice no matter how enthusiastic you are.

I mistakenly assumed yoga was easy. What! Why did no one tell me that it was so hard!

Downward dog felt just like a downward push-up to me. Grrrrr.

As for a lotus headstand pose … forget it. I’d need at least a couple of people to help me get and stay in that pose.

A trip to the emergency room wasn’t on the menu so I never attempted it.

But, I must admit I do killer cat, table top, and easy pose moves.

Some of the others I tried were either strenuous and painful or I lacked the flexibility to pull it off.

The end of the DVD routines or the end of the moves listed in my app were my favorite parts.

I felt exhausted, frazzled, and not relaxed at all.

However, I did have noticeably less pain and stiffness in my legs.

No paparazzi please! I was worse that a newborn calf attempting to walk for the first time.

I found myself discouraged and after a few attempts I quit trying altogether. Yup, I admit it.

Yoga is challenging and requires strength and flexibility.

I developed a newfound respect for those who can pull off these poses easily and seemingly effortlessly.

Lately I’ve been thinking about giving it a sincere go.

Quitting at something you really want to do isn’t powerful or positive.

Since I’m not a quitter at heart I decided that I’m going back to yoga. I can totally do this.

The only way to improve and get the real benefits from it is for me to actually strike and hold a pose.

Other than that I’ll be stuck at the same can’t do it level that I started with.

I don’t do forever stuck because that’s a lack mindset so here I go … I’m be starting anew with yoga.