Give from your heart cheerfully to the less fortunate. Some only wish they could buy what we think are troubles.

If you have something to eat and drink and somewhere to wash and sleep you are so much more fortunate than many in this world.

Some choose to help others and others don’t feel that it’s their problem. Others wait to see what everyone else is going to do.

It’s not what the next person is going to do about it that matters. What are you doing?

Your actions matter. You could change a life with your act of kindness.

Love and acts of kindness are much needed in this world.

Give without attachments or expectations. Worrying about what someone is going to do with your gift is judgment and you’d be best off not even giving it.

Once you give to someone you’ve shown goodwill towards them and they now have the choice of showing goodwill towards them-self with your gift.

I don’t worry about if the person is going to buy drugs, alcohol, or anything else.

Just the off chance that they might be able to get a hot meal, something to drink or something they need is good enough for me.

I’m blessed either way.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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