Unfortunately Many Experience Stress Beyond Belief.

Stress left unmanaged is not only intrusive and bothersome but it can also affect your health in a negative way.

You might blame your stress on people and situations but the reality of it is that we have control over what we allow to upset us. Other people don’t control your life.

We give away entirely too much power over to other people and situations. There’s no wonder that people are so stressed.

Learn to reduce your stress levels by taking control of different aspects of your life and changing your mindset when necessary.

  1. Get rid of excessive clutter. The more you have the more you have to do in your home to keep it clean. Too much clutter can make you feel blah.  Do you really need 36 magazines on display? Probably not. Clear off that coffee table in your living room. Pick and choose the things you decide to bring into your home. Evaluate and see if it’s something you’ll actually use. Many times we collect things that just sit around gathering dust. Give away, sell or trash the things you no longer want or use.
  2. Don’t compare your home to those in magazines. While one should strive for cleanliness, realistically there will be times when something is out of place. This is not the same thing as a dirty home. Relax. You might not have the same quality furniture or decor as the pictures you see. This is perfectly okay. What is meant for you is what you will have. You can’t worry about what someone else has.
  3. Purchase less. The state of your finances could be stressing you out. Be selective and spend your money wisely. Don’t spend more than you earn. Try cutting back on expenditures like fast food, drinks and impulse buys. Think before you spend.
  4. Stop procrastinating. Procrastinating until the very last minute can add to your stress because it puts pressure on you to do something by a fast approaching deadline.
  5. Deal with people on your terms. What other people want doesn’t trump your own wants and needs. Avoid unnecessary arguments. You don’t have to attend every argument that you’re invited to. Limit the amount of time spent with those who annoy you.