I’m actively editing my first completed fiction novel. I say actively because I’ve started this task before but wasn’t really taking it seriously because I was so fearful of how it may turn out.

I feared the unknown outcome of trying more than I feared the known outcome of not trying at all.

Many times we allow fear to stop us cold instead of pursuing the things that are dearest to us.

I pondered things like:

  • What if no one likes it?
  • What if no one buys it?
  • What if I’m a horrible writer?
  • What if my family sees me fail and stops believing in me?
  • What if the people I know judge me for the content in my book?

I was allowing my fear of failure to overshadow my craving for success as a fiction writer. I love many aspects of writing and fiction writing has always been a passion.

In my early 20’s I wanted to write adult fiction novels but I allowed my fears to stop me. I would start novels and then stop over and over again.

I never finished anything. This proved to be very irritating to my husband who happened to love my writing. I would get him hooked on a story and then leave him hanging when I left it unfinished.

Other people have told me they enjoyed my writing as well but in the back of my mind were the what ifs. Those would ifs took over and I gave up.

I made a decision to simply allow God the Universe to work in my life and take me wherever my passions lead me. With God backing me I know that failure isn’t an option.

Me not knowing how to breaking into what I wanted to do years ago wasn’t really a show stopper. There is always a solution, we just don’t always realize it at the time.

My whole outlook on life is different.

I believe in me wholeheartedly.

I  came to the conclusion that if I chose not to pursue my fiction writing that guarantees that no one will ever read, buy, or love my work.

I don’t have to choose between pursuing my career of sharing motivation, positivity, and inspiration with the world and pursuing a fiction writing career.

Those who accept me will do so and those who won’t aren’t meant to, at least at that particular time.

The unknown is delicious because it means that all possibilities are possible. That doesn’t seem so scary now. At least not scary enough to hold me back like in the past.

In divine timing, all that I am meant to be will emerge if I take the right actions at the right time and keep my energy high.

So the only option for me is to step out of my comfort zone and put myself out there.

I know that what is meant for me is meant for me and what proves to be isn’t means it wasn’t meant for me. So this alleviates the need to fear the unexpected when it comes to my fiction writing or any of my other passions for that matter.

My dreams are big and as I grow I’m sure they’ll get even bigger.

I can write fiction in addition to whatever else I choose to do in life.

We are each only limited by our own mindset.

There is no one who can write the books that are in my head. There is no one who’s “voice” is identical to mine even if we were to write books with similar ideas.

There is someone who wishes to read my words. They can’t read what I don’t write.

I’m the only one who can be me and step into the life that I was meant to have.

I’m flowing through life not forcing and it’s wonderful. I don’t have to feel tied down to any one thing or idea. What is meant for me is just waiting for me to catch up to it.

I’m so excited!

Don’t allow fear to stop you from doing anything you want to do. If your dreams are scary that’s a good thing because you’re not being small minded and limiting your life.

Anything you do can be improved on but if you choose to do nothing you already know where that leads.

You can’t LIVE YOUR DREAMS without taking action.

Be afraid and do it anyway! #powerfulpositiveyou

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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