How many times have you had bright ideas that had you gung ho, running wild with excitement? You just knew that you were going to accomplish the task only to see several months down the road that you achieved nothing due to procrastination?

The Missing Key.

Setting intentions alone or along with wishful thinking doesn’t achieve goals. It is the implementing of ideas that bring success.

It doesn’t matter if your goals are to make money, lose weight, write a book, create a learning course or anything else. The principle involved is the same.

You can purchase how-to courses, meditate and even try to raise your energetic level but if you fail to take action when the time is right you won’t succeed.

Procrastination is a distraction in the worst way because all of your ideas just sit there lonely like a stray cat in an alley waiting for someone to give it a home. The cat never truly finds it’s home.

All Too Often.

Too often we let other things get in the way of what we really want to do without setting any time aside for that which we are passionate about.

We might feel a little fear when beginning something new but we shouldn’t let it stop up. We create our own reality and therefore we have a choice in what we do or don’t do.

Procrastination and fears don’t bring success but planning coupled with action can. The Universe can align you with the best possible scenario for you and if you fail to take some sort of action you could miss out.

I don’t believe that everything in life just falls in your lap without any action on your part because our lives are filled with choices and changes.

If you make one choice you get one result and if you make a different choice you get another result despite what you’d like to happen.

So, even the best intentions mean nothing unless they are carried out.

no procastination
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You must decide that it’s  time to get your ideas from your mind into reality. Are there things that you have been meaning to do but somehow you let other things get in the way?

Try setting aside a specified amount of time just for the task that you have been avoiding or putting off and little by little you accomplish it.

Sometimes we need to just sit and think, evaluate how our life is going. If it is not what you hoped it would be or if you want more out of life, devise a workable plan that can fit into your schedule.

See where you can cut out or drastically reduce time in other not so important areas.

I used to spend a lot of time watching garbage television filling myself with a bunch of BS that didn’t help me to accomplish anything though it did serve as a great distraction with all of the “programs”.

Set mini goals for yourself so you are not easily disappointed which can cause you to want to give up. This way you hit achievements along the way and feel encouraged.

As much as we might want it to be, things are rarely perfect. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill when problems arise. Role with the punches and avoid suffering by worrying about that which you can’t change.

Research and learn from those knowledgeable in the areas that you find difficult. It can be a real challenge when embarking on a new journey. You know what you want to accomplish but you are not exactly sure how it will turn out.

If you follow your dreams through it can turn out to be really rewarding when you reap the benefits later on. If you do your part the Universe has your back.

Do all you can to keep vibrating higher so you are in alignment with what you desire. If what you desire is out of your grasp you must first become what it takes to have it.

Don’t put it off until tomorrow if you can take actions towards it today. You can’t reach your goals of winning the race if you aren’t even on the track.