Dreams are a group of goals centered around something. Your dream might be for you to publish a book. You need to meet the goals of coming up with an idea, researching, writing and editing before you could say you achieved your dream of becoming a published author.

If your dream is to go from a size twenty to a size ten you’d have to meet the goal of improving your diet, exercising and eating less before you can walk into a clothing store and grab  size ten off of the rack.

Sometimes achieving a goal isn’t difficult but goals are not always easy to attain. Some goals require for you to get down and dirty in the trenches. You might fail again and again trying to meet your goal. You may might even feel frustrated or like quitting but you shouldn’t.

Know your dream is achievable. No matter how wild or big your dream may seem, it is achievable if you believe in it and feel that you deserve it. The universe will help you if you believe it to be possible and you are vibrating at the same frequency as that which you desire. How you feel matters greatly. Wanting something but feeling it’s impossible is not going to cut it. People live their wildest dreams every day so why not you?

Reevaluate. Figuring out what you are doing that is counter productive and make changes. Many times we self sabotage ourselves.

For example: If you are trying to lose fifty pounds, it is counter productive to eat three plates of food at the buffet nightly.

Adjust. Make the necessary changes that are in harmony with reaching your goal.

Work towards it. Put in the necessary time. If you wish to write a book then you would need to take the necessary time to write and edit it.

Stay motivated. Read motivational materials, watch motivational videos, meditate and make sure that your self talk is positive.

Any dream worthy of achievement is a dream worthy of believing in. Never stop believing in yourself and your dreams. Make it happen!