There are times that fear can work in our favor. Fears can sometimes help you to avoid things that are harmful. Being fearful of being burned would most likely keep one from hurling themself into the fireplace or sticking their arm into the flame on the stove. Fear of drowning would make a person think twice about jumping off of a bridge into a river.

There are also times that fear can work against us. Sometimes we fear the unknown for no particular reason outside of never having tried it before and we as a result we hinder ourselves. This is an unhealthy type of fear.

One may have a fear of what people think and even though they are good at writing they might avoid writing a play just so they don’t have to hear negative comments from people who don’t like their work. But who said no one would like their work? Fear did.

One may be good at preparing food and avoid creating a recipe book because others might not like what they are offering and nobody might purchase their cookbook. Who said no one would want those recipes? Fear did.

If fear is stopping you from living your dream or achieving your goal it’s time to put fear in it’s place. Many liken fear to mean false evidence appearing real. Worrying about something that can be totally false can stop you from making your dreams come true.

Fear robs you of your confidence so try not to feed into. For every fearful thought, you could replace it with a confident thought. You are worthy.

Your talents belong to you and you alone. Even if one million people were doing the same exact thing, no one is exactly just like you. You might put a spin on it that no one else has. You being you is your power. Don’t let fear take that away from you!

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum