You might think that something is too hard or too much to achieve but that simply isn’t true. When setting your goals, be optimistic and positive. Don’t be afraid to set huge goals. If others can achieve what seems like the impossible at the moment, why can’t you?

There is no reason you can’t achieve your goals even if they are big. You are fully capable of achieving what anyone else can if you believe and feel that you can as well as putting forth the necessary effort and actions. You will never reach a goal that you don’t believe in because you won’t take the necessary actions and you won’t feel capable.

Believe that it is possible, feel you are worthy of achieving and the universe will meet you the rest of the way. Use the law of attraction to your advantage. Like attracts like. If you feel you are worthy then what you are worthy of will come to you. You must do your part. You can’t work against your goal and expect to achieve it. That doesn’t make sense.

For example:

If you wish to lose 40 lbs, you would set the goal and work in harmony with that goals. You would believe that those 40 lbs are as good as gone. You’d picture yourself in smaller clothing with the type of body that you desire.

You would feel the emotions of one who has achieved their ultimate goal because you must vibrationally align yourself with that which you wish to achieve. Success is yours for the taking because you feel you deserve it. Those excess pounds don’t stand a chance! Because you feel you deserve to reach your goal and your actions aren’t working against your goal you have no choice but to succeed.

Your actions and effort placed for such as exercising and avoiding high fat foods would reflect the fact that you wish to lose weight.

But if you were to become super sedentary and gorge or candy, ice cream, cake and high fat foods you would most likely gain weight. That would be counter productive.

Set goals so big that they scare you, the type of goals that call for personal growth in order for them to be achieved. You are capable of much more than you realize. You never know how far you can go unless you believe and try.