Sometimes what we say we want and what we actually do are two entirely different things.

Years ago, I used to say I wanted to lose weight yet I ate whatever I wanted with no sense of portion control or moderation.

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I also didn’t exercise. So how was that change I craved supposed to come about?

I wanted to be a successful author yet I didn’t consistently work on or finish any books.

That was just wishful thinking because my efforts didn’t match my desires.

The Universe wasn’t going to force me to write or eat specific foods because I have free will.

But I’m  free of the consequences of not acting on my desires.

As a result, I didn’t lose much weight and couldn’t maintain any loss.

I also didn’t finish or sell a book because I didn’t make use of my gift of writing.

My choices weren’t reflective of the results I so badly desired.

I had to make changes and show an effort to see any results.

This allowed me to lose weight and maintain the majority of my weight loss.

I’m also consistently writing fiction and blogging with the intention of impacting lives.

You will never gain success in any area of your life by sticking to the ways that made you unsuccessful, to begin with.

The same goes for adopting new bad habits, procrastination, giving in to fears, laziness, and disbelief in yourself and your goal.

You can’t be complacent with your goals and dreams. Take the bull by the horns!

Your choices matter.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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