Do you love your neighbors? It doesn’t matter if you’ve just moved into your home or if you’ve lived there for many years.

I’m asking if you have a general and unconditional love for your fellow humans.

Your neighbors are so much more than the people you see each day when you enter or exit your home. Your neighbors are those near and far away from you.

Your neighbors are your family, friends, people in your neighborhood, co-workers, enemies, and people all across the world regardless of size, social status, financial state, beliefs, skin color, hair texture, location, religion, or political affiliation.

The outward and inner differences of our neighbors have nothing to do with our ability to love them. The things that people dislike about each other or deem inferior or like more than don’t even matter because there is beauty in all things.


Just like the animals, bugs, and plants we humans come in a wide array of colors and other outward characteristics.

No one type of human is better than any other no matter what reason you may think so. That would be indulging in judgment and you cannot say that one group is better without deeming another group as inferior.

Who are we to decide that someone else differences make them inferior. There is beauty in all things if you have an eye to see it and this includes people.

It is the differences that make us interesting. How boring would it be if we all looked alike, dressed alike, and had the same identical limiting thoughts?

We wouldn’t get very far at all.

It is the differences in our thought that propels us to create.


Who would go above and beyond the “norm” and inspire? Who would share their gifts with the world? Who would entertain, teach, or create?

It is our differences that help us shape the world as it is. We all have something to offer humanity that no can offer the same exact way that we can.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum