Disbelief That One’s Religious Beliefs Could Be False.

First and foremost, on the topic of false religion, many will just assume that the term couldn’t be applied to the religious road that they walk.

After all, they might have given much thought before deciding to become a member of the religious institution that they are involved in.

At one point I was a member of a well known religious organization. I definitely understand the thought process involved in trying to live a spiritual life when lacking the proper knowledge.

You try your best to pick the way that makes you feel closest to God and salvation.

Most people honestly feel that their religion is an acceptable way in which one must show respect and honor to the Universe/Most High.

Some religions even take it further teaching their flock that they are the only means of salvation and that they are doomed if they fail to adhere to their rules and stipulations.

I’m not here to point out if your specific religion is false. Only you truly know what does or doesn’t resonate with you. I personally don’t believe that spirituality is one size fits all.

We must all choose the manner in which we live in this world.

Outward Purpose

The purpose most religions outwardly project is to enlighten the people they recruit. Their secondary outward purpose is to make sure that their members thoroughly understand the rules and regulations.

This is so they may best live according to the rules and place their credence in that specific religion.

Members of such a religion may stand out noticeably because some of their views may be unique to that religious organization. They may read The Holy Bible either in part or in entirety or other books and literature.

Especially if the religion requires a specific style of dress, way to pray, a forgoing of some foods and avoidance of some practices or observing certain traditions and holidays.

Some religions require that their members forgo:

  • Smoking – Allowing one to drastically reduce the chance of certain cancer types.
  • Drinking – Allowing one to avoid alcohol-induced liver and other health issues.
  • Drugging – Allowing one to avoid the pitfalls of drug addiction like alienation from family and friends, loss of money and possessions.
  • Prostitution – Allowing one to avoid the dangers that come along with the territory like violence, robbery, disease and unwanted pregnancy and problems with the law.
  • Pre-Marital sex – Allowing one to avoid unwanted pregnancies, hasty marriages, and other problems.
  • Gambling – Allowing one to avoid loss of money and possessions.
  • And a host of other things deemed harmful by certain religious organizations.

The Real Problem With Religion.

  1. People aren’t in control of their own lives. Some religious groups dictate almost everything about their members’ lives from where they can go, who they can talk to, to in what ways one may be intimate with their spouse. How can one walk their own path when they have little to no control over what they are allowed to do?
  2. Religion can enslave if you blindly follow a path that doesn’t serve you. Many aren’t even aware that the practices they participate in don’t even benefit them. In fact, they might even be giving up their soul.
  3. People are separated into groups of believers and unbelievers, essentially sinners and saints. This helps to keep up the illusion of separation between people.
  4. Violence. Many are harmed or killed in the name of religion. There are people who will kill you simply because you believe differently than they do.
  5. The banning of practices deemed unfit for every member even if it could be beneficial. Some religions talk against or forbid researching other religious or spiritual paths, astrology, numerology, tarot, magic,  meditation, natural healing, and anything else deemed wrong. They don’t allow their members to choose for themselves.
  6. What’s truly behind the practices and origin of the religion? The true nature of the organization is not always revealed to its members.
  7. Unnecessary strictness. Some clergy/elder members don’t really live by the stringent rules imposed on their members. This forces members to either conform or break the rules.
  8. Purposeful harming of members through activities that violate the rules of that particular region. It’s not uncommon for money to be stolen, child molestation, wife/husband swapping and other frowned upon activities to be going on right under the members’ noses. If some do figure it out, its usually swept under the rug. Members might be encouraged to shun the “troublemakers” if they decide to leave the organization.
  9. People are unknowingly falling for trickery, ulterior motives, and hidden agendas. Members aren’t made fully aware of the origins of their religion and the God they serve. It can be surprising to learn the real meanings of and the real source of certain ways of worship.
  10. Some religion’s fleece their members for as much money as they possibly can, keeping the head of the organization in a luxurious lifestyle while the members are poor and never taught how to get ahead.
  11. People are living a suffer now and gather their reward in heaven type lifestyle because of what they are being taught. This alleviates the need for one to make use of the attraction based Universe we live in. This causes one to disconnect from all that God the Universe offers to each and every one of us. If you’re not manifesting for yourself, who are you manifesting for? This saying comes to mind … if you don’t live your dream you spend your life helping someone else to live theirs. I put off writing a fiction for so long for fear of what people in my former religious would think. I feared being made an outcast so I didn’t make use of my gift. I actually thought gaining wealth was wrong too.


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  • One might feel that The Universe is conspiring against them, hoping for them to fail.
  • One may feel empty, lost and unfulfilled especially if their higher self is signaling to them that something is wrong with what they are doing or that something is missing in their life. They might not fully understand the practices they take part in and the full ramifications of it.
  • One might feel lowly and stuck because of the unrelenting rigidity their religion enforces which in turn leaves them emitting low energy.
  • One might decide against all forms of spirituality doing only what pleases them whether it hurts others or not. Hurt people further hurt themselves and other people.
  • One could miss out on specific lessons and achievements because of the path they have chosen.
  • One might influence others to head down wrong paths and partake in practices that are detrimental to their soul.


Humans must take responsibility for their own lives and happiness. We must actively walk own unique paths to fulfill our soul mission based on what it is we need to learn and share.

Life on planet earth is a series of lessons and for many of us, those lessons will be different. There is no one coming to save you. You must save yourself.

We have a responsibility to seek inwardly. The Universe isn’t separate from us but is directly connected to us. How does outwardly worshipping a God, saint or deity help us? The Universe is already inside of us and accessible to us without the need of a middleman.

Each person must save them-self. This isn’t one size fits all. One person’s problem might not be another’s. How would a cookie cutter religion help?

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Life Is What You Make It.

We are living in an attraction based Universe. What you think about, what you believe and how you feel is what you attract in your reality.

Your life is exactly the way it is because of the choices you have made so far and not solely because of what life throws at you. If you don’t like how your life is going you can always make a change.

You are in charge of your choices and you don’t have to give your membership to anything that you don’t want to. At any time you have the right to say this is not how I choose to live my life and I’d like to change this or achieve that.

It really is up to you!

I believe that each of us has available to us a personal relationship with the creator and that when we are connected God the Universe conspires to help us succeed.

I also believe that no one has the right to tell us exactly how to connect with God the Universe (creator, source, source energy, or whatever title/name you feel comfortable with).

Create the life of your dreams. Live so all parts of your life truly resonate with you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is or isn’t doing. Each one of us lives our own lives and that’s the only thing we have true control over.

Don’t be afraid to question and investigate any and everything that you’re willing to base your beliefs on and your life around.

Any organization that requires blind obedience and forbids learning from other sources is one that you should be wary of. If something feels wrong don’t do it.

Your way of life should make you feel good.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum