When you make a conscious decision to lose weight you may notice that you are having trouble controlling your cravings. This is normal of course, because before you began dieting you may have been eating and drinking whatever you pleased whenever you wanted.

You probably weren’t limiting the amount of food you ate either which is why you are now ready to commit to a diet.

This is what ultimately led to me become severely obese and weighing over 350 lbs. I opted to have weight loss surgery but that isn’t an easy button.

Weight loss surgery is just a tool and you might not know this but you can regain weight if you don’t eat right. I learned that the hard way.


I am not perfect and haven’t reached at my ultimate weight loss goal yet but I am way smaller than I used to be and actively working towards it. When I notice myself getting to far off track due to food cravings I reign it in and tighten up.

Losing weight can be hard but so is being largely obese. You have to choose your hard. It’s truly up to you.

Unfortunately many view diets as just a temporary quick change but in reality you should really view your diet as the way you eat. If you don’t thing the way you eat is healthy and it’s contributing to your weight gain or keeps you from losing weight then a permanent lifestyle change is necessary.

You need to take some time and figure out:

  • If you want any type of weight loss surgery. I had the gastric sleeve done and am definitely an advocate for weight loss surgery if it is medically necessary. Weight loss surgery isn’t the only route to go but it is a great tool that has helped many.
  • You might decide to use a specific commercial diet plan like Weight Watchers
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    , Jenny Craig
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    , Nutrisystem
    or Medifast. If not you might choose to count your calories or utilize another simple weight loss plan. I’ve personally tried many diets and fad diets too.
  • If you’re dieting you’ll need a healthy diet plan because I can tell you first hand that fad diets prove to be like a boomerang. The pounds come right back with a vengeance.
  • The kinds of foods you plan on eliminating if any, from your diet plan. Some dieters choose to eliminate foods they are craving most like processed sugars, fried foods, fat laden dishes or even meat and dairy when tying to lose weight. Other drastically reduce the foods they deem not so healthy.

Don’t forget to exercise.

The type of fitness plan you will use is up to you. You could go to the gym several times a week or you could use workout videos in the comfort of your own home. You can find plenty of videos that will get you active from Beach Body, The Firm, Zumba, Denise Austin or Leslie Sansone if you need to start slow.

I have a nice DVD collection that I have built over the years that my children and I use when we don’t want to include machines in our workout. It’s like having a personal trainer and great for those who like to work out at home.

What ever method of fitness you choose, just get moving. Activity will burn calories and help you to shed those excess pounds you want to get rid of. A sedentary lifestyle if the reason that so many are overweight.

Once you have figured out how, what and when you will be eating it’s time to begin implementing your plan.

When cravings hit …

  • Stop and take a moment to see if you are really hungry or if you just want to eat simply because you are bored, angry or sad.
  • Keep track of what you crave and how you feel when cravings are hitting you. This will help you to recognize the patterns you may have concerning your emotions and food.
  • Take a moment to stop and meditate for 5 – 20 minutes. This will help to calm you and help you stay focused when you do eat.
  • Use portion control if you decide that you must have it.

Healthy dieting tips.

Try not to consume unhealthy foods on the regular. For many it’s really impractical for many to say that they will never have another piece of chocolate or another slice of cake, pie or other tasty treat, that you love, again.

Use caution when eating foods that aren’t particularly healthy. Have smaller portions of it instead of eating a whole serving. Sometimes a small taste can go a long way.If you do the same as you’ve always done you will wind up with the same results.

One might decide that you’re only going to allow  yourself to have only one portion or less of whatever food you are craving, per day. You could share the leftovers with others or freeze the rest in single serving sizes and put it away for another time.

You are less apt to eat it if it isn’t all sitting right out and readily available. This will make it much easier for you to only have one serving. The easier you make it for yourself the easier it will be.

You could find healthy alternatives to your favorite snack foods and keep them on hand. Need a crunch? How about a serving of nuts, a dill pickle or some celery and a small serving of peanut butter.

Grapes, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe and cherries make for a great sweet tooth satisfier. You can mix them together in a container and store it in the refrigerator. This is one of my go to healthy snacks.

Keep in mind that food doesn’t have control over you. You control what you eat. You can take active measured to control what goes into your mouth when killer cravings hit.