Could You Be Sabotaging Your Efforts?

You could be studying great books, viewing informative videos and listening to audios that help expand your mind.

You could even enroll in a variety of self-improvement and self-development courses or hire mentors who push you towards becoming your greatest version.

These things are all great and will help push you closer to becoming your greatest version but if you’re not being careful of who you choose to closely associate with you could find yourself running in circles.

Friends, Family, and Lovers, Oh My!

Some people seem to push you towards greatness. They’re uplifting to your spirit and interaction with them feels energizing and great.

And there are also some people who make you feel drained, upset, or even depressed.

Energy is real and the way people make you feel is a clear indicator that the energy is off.

Anyone can have a bad day or a disagreement occasionally , that’s a normal part of relationships of any type.

I’m referring to when the bad feeling is constant.

This person might be a friend, neighbor, significant other, or even a family member.

It doesn’t matter. If the relationship makes you feel crummy it isn’t for you.

The Problem With Negative Association. 

Heavily associating with the wrong people tears you apart instead of building you up.

Consistently having to argue with or defend yourself from someone is downright draining.

Having someone suck the energy right out of you can leave you drained because you’re unable to replenish what you consistently give to them.

Some negative acting people do more than just annoy you or stress you.

Some people heavily impose their beliefs and opinions on you as they actively work to derail your plans by discouraging you.

They might even think that they’re saving you the hassle of failing.

Even if they don’t mean to be negative this can be detrimental to your success over a period of time as it eats at your confidence for achieving a specific goal or dream.

Frequently being upset or angry can lower your vibration and push you further away from your desire.

Consistently putting yourself into this type of situation can practically make all your other effort seem ineffective.

God the Universe gives us free will. We do not have to closely associate with those who bring us down even if we think we do.

It’s Up To You.

We always have a choice. Many times we fear the unknown outcome of that choice.

I’ve personally discovered that I do much better when I’m not being heavily weighted down by negative acting people.

It’s hard to remain upbeat, happy and focused when you have situations crushing you emotionally.

You don’t have to be close friends or in a relationship with someone who deeply bothers you.

You don’t have to feel bad for choosing what is in your best interest.

I have found that my life improves when I either let go of certain people or drastically reduce the amount of time I spend with certain people.

There is always a message or lesson.

Figure out what the message concealed within interactions between you and this other person is.

What is this relationship showing and teaching you? Learn from it and move on.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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