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Two Reasons You Shouldn’t Try To Lose Weight.

If you’ve been desperately trying to lose weight you might be wondering why I’m saying you shouldn’t try to lose weight. Isn’t that discouraging to one who wants a healthier and leaner body? Nope! I won’t take it back because I mean it and I’m about to explain two very good reasons why you shouldn’t try to lose weight. 1. The Law of attraction is always in full force. We attract to us what we emit whether we’re actively trying to or not. Anything you wish to attract to you should be said and affirmed in the present tense...

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You Deserve Unconditional Love.

Love is your birthright. You deserve unconditional love. You deserve to feel important, cared about, and protected. You deserve to have what’s in your best interest strongly considered. While it may be nice to receive this from others, the person you most need this from is yourself. You deserve your own love unadulterated and wholeheartedly given. There is no one who deserves and needs your love more than you do. But what about my spouse and children? What about my family? What about my friends? These thoughts might be running through your mind and that’s okay. When you love...

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You Teach People How To Treat You Based On What You Accept.

Relationships Should Feel Good. Our relationships, whether with family, significant others, friends, co workers, or other people are not meant to be an ongoing compromise of ourselves. Positive relationships don’t consistently and constantly cause pain and upset. A positive relationship is beneficial to both parties. Have you ever found yourself seemingly stuck inside of a one sided or toxic relationship or friendship? Or maybe you’ve experienced an extremely unbalanced relationship with a family member? If so then you know this doesn’t feel good at all. What doesn’t feel good to us tends to eat at us over time. The...

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You Should Just Give Up.

It’s A Fact! In this life, in this world there are things that are unfair. There are things that may make you want to scream, get mad, or even cry. When you truly desire something and feel blocked from it,  it is indeed a pivotal moment. This is the moment in which you should just give up if you can’t see yourself overcoming all obstacles. Dreams aren’t easy. If they were you’d already be living them with no real effort. What Was Doesn’t Really Matter When It Comes To Your Dreams. You may feel that if only things had...

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You Are Never Stuck In Life.

Have you ever felt as if you just can’t get any further in life as if you were glued and stuck to the very spot you are currently in? What if I told you that you are not stuck and that you never were stuck, would you find that hard to believe? At any time you can decide that this is not where you choose to be. It is possible to live the life that you dream of. Embrace a new way of being. To leave behind the state of lack, hopelessness, and disappointment you must be willing to...

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