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Five Stress Management Tips.

Unfortunately Many Experience Stress Beyond Belief. Stress left unmanaged is not only intrusive and bothersome but it can also affect your health in a negative way. You might blame your stress on people and situations but the reality of it is that we have control over what we allow to upset us. Other people don’t control your life. We give away entirely too much power over to other people and situations. There’s no wonder that people are so stressed. Learn to reduce your stress levels by taking control of different aspects of your life and changing your mindset when necessary....

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You Can’t Attract What You Desire If You Focus On The Wrong Things.

Manifesting is a result of your energetic vibrations attracting that which it matches. These vibrations are comprised of how you feel and what you think about coupled with action. You attract things to you all the time. You attract things to you all the time even if it’s something you truly do not want. Self-sabotaging thoughts essentially talk you right out of the very abundance of things that you think you want. It doesn’t matter how many blog posts, books, videos, and courses you invest yourself in if you don’t learn to control your thoughts and feelings. Examples of self-sabotage: If...

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Change Is The Way Of Life.

Change Is Inevitable. Change is the way of life. When you were in your mother’s stomach you went from an embryo to a fetus to a birthed baby. What a miraculous change. Could you imagine your life if you stayed an embryo forever? I can guarantee you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. Many fear change and at times I have too. But when you really think about what change is we really shouldn’t fear it. Change is normally feared when it is associated with something bad or fear of the unknown. However, most times that something bad...

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4 Ways To Take An Instant Vacation Without Leaving Your Home.

Life isn’t always easy. There are many pressures in life from work to family and friends. Some work in a stressful environment, long hours or in a professional field that they can’t stand. A vacation could be just the break you’re looking for. Some are going through drama with their family and friends. If you are in a relationship and have children then you even have even more responsibilities and possibly stress too, than the average single non-parent. This can be hard and while most things do past you might be screaming for a getaway right now. But what if...

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Use Your Heart But Take Your Mind With You.

Sometimes Your Heart Is Wrong. Your heart races every time you think of this person and you’re so attracted to them. For some reason, you can’t seem to connect. Lately, they’ve been on your mind constantly. Everything would be so right if only you two could be together. This must be love, right? Wrong! Sometimes this is nothing more than infatuation based on nothing more than lust. Sometimes we fail to make a love connection because we aren’t a match. Or maybe you’ve been dating someone and it’s not going the way you hoped it would. There are things...

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